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LOTO Procedures SOP

LOTO Procedures SOP


Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) provide the processes needed for a facility to successfully reduce errors, maintain consistency, and create a safe work environment.  Paper Jester Safety Resources has created an easily customizable digital SOP template with recommended areas of revision highlighted in yellow for immediate identification.


Header contains fields for:

  • Section and Subsection
  • Material
  • Approved By
  • Procedure Number
  • Date
  • Revision Number


Main Headings: Objective, Procedures, Procedural Steps, and Periodic Review

Topics Covered:

  • Hazard Identification
  • Communication
  • Shut-Down
  • Isolation
  • Application of LOTO Device
  • Relieving Stored Energy
  • Verification
  • Service
  • Inspection
  • Removing LOTO Device


Pages: 5

Language: English

Category: Lockout

  • Microsoft Word 97-2003 Document (.doc)

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