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Lockout Procedure JSA

Lockout Procedure JSA


Using a JSA to identify potential hazards for each work task is not only strongly recommended by OSHA, but also helps improve compliance by taking another important step toward ensuring safety in your workplace.


Paper Jester Safety Resources has created an easily customizable digital JSA template with recommended areas of revision highlighted in yellow for immediate identification.

Header contains fields for:

  •     Location
  •     Department
  •     Required Protective Gear
  •     Energy Sources
  •     File Name

Assessment divided into three sections:

  1.     Sequence of Basic Job Steps
  2.     Potential Accidents or Hazards
  3.     Recommended Safe Job Procedures



Pages: 3

Language: English

Category: General Safety

Tip: Download the free template to create you own custom JSA!

  • Microsoft Word 97-2003 Document (.doc)

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